The best of Ethiopia in 21 days

Day 1- International flight to Addis Ababa and continue by domestic flight to Mekele. If arrival time in Addis Ababa is in the morning, our staff will welcome you at the airport and you will proceed to a short city tour of Addis Ababa before flying to Mekele

O/N- Hotel in Mekele 

Day 2- Drive from Mekele to Dodom, climb Erta Ale Volcano

Starting from Mekele, you will drive to Dodom, to the base of Erta Ale. Passing through changing landscape of solidified lava, rock, sand and the occasional palm lined oasis. After early dinner, you will start hiking to Erta Ale which takes about 3-4 hours.  You’ll spend the night watching the dramatic action of the boiling lava. Erta Ale ranks one of the most appealing natural attractions anywhere in Ethiopia. It is a shield volcano with a base diameter of 30 km and 1km square caldera at its summit. Erta Ale contains the world’s only permanent lava lake and you will spend an unforgettable night on the top of the mountain

O/N- Camping at Erta Ale

Day 3 - from Erta Ale to Abaala/Hamed Ela

Start Hiking back around 5:00 AM in the morning to Dodom. After Breakfast drive to reach the mythical Lake Giulietti (or Lake Afrera), a salt water lake located more than 100 meters below sea level, in one of the deepest Depressions of the planet. Because of the picturesque landscape, it is interesting to visit the salt flats where the Afar people obtain the salt by evaporating the water of the lake, continue to Erbiti and proceed to Abaala/ Hamedela

 Overnight in Abaala in a house with mattresses & sleeping bag on the floor or camping under the spectacular stars

Day 4 - from Hamed Ela to Mekele

Morning driving tour to Ragad (Asebo), the place where the salts are mined. Observe the breaking of the salt from the ground, cutting into rectangular pieces and loading on camels. You drive ahead to Dallol and visit the different landscape formed by volcanic activity, Dallol, Lake Assal and camel caravans. Excursion to Dallol (116 meter below sea level, one of the lowest places in the world) colorful salts mining, visit Lake Assal, follow up camel caravans and walk with the Afar people. Drive back to Hamedela and proceed to Mekele

O/N- Hotel in Mekele

Day 5- Drive from Mekele to Gheralta churches 

Today you will drive to Gheralta area to visit Tigray rock hewn churches, the first stop will be the church of Abreha We Atsbeha known for its beautiful Architecture & paintings. In the afternoon visit Medhane Alem Kesho Church, is one of Tigray's older and more beautiful churches. A four-wheel-drive track takes you within a very doable 30 minutes’ walk from the church. Inside, the church has a beautiful carved ceiling


Day 6-visit Abuna yemata Guh, Maryam Korkor and Daniel Korkor churches

After early Morning breakfast you will visit three churches; Abuna Yemata Guh; Maryam Korkor and Daniel Korkor. All of which are very different in style and spectacularly beautiful in their own way.
To visit Abuna Yemata Guh, walking for about an hour to commence a steep ascent up the side of the Gheralta massif. This steep ascent soon turn into a climb using foot holds and hand holds chipped into the sandstone rock by the passage of many hands and feet. The climb and the walk along very narrow ledges with sheer drops to the side is not one for the faint hearted. The church itself can be reached by walking out on a ledge one meter wide and with a 200m drop to the left hand side.

To visit Mariam Korkor Church Hike for 3 hours round trip, enjoying the spectacular mountain scenery.  Daniel Korkor is located in 20 Minutes from Mariam korkor passing via the narrow edge of the side of the mountain. 

O/N- Lodge/pension 

Day 7 - Drive from Gheralta area to Axum and city tour of Axum
Drive from  Gheralta  to Axum via Adwa and Adigrat. Stop at the remarkable pre-Axumite civilization known as yeha. After arrival check in to your hotel explore Axum

Axum was the seat of the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Axum and is the center of Christianity in Ethiopia. After lunch start to visit the Steal Park, the Archeological museum, St. Mary’s Church- the final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, ruins of Queen Sheba’s Palace and King Kaleb’s Tomb

O/N- Hotel in Axum

Day 8 -Fly to Lalibela and city tour of Lalibela

Fly to Lalibela and visit the first cluster of the rock-hewn church today. These churches are cut from solid rock, some are “fully monolithic churches” and some are Semi monolithic. The most famous church is Bête Giorgis, named after a patron saint of Ethiopia, carved in the form of a Greek cross. It is exceptionally well preserved and the most stunning of all churches

O/N- Hotel in Lalibela

Day 9- Lalibela- Yemrehanna Kristos church- Laibela (84KM)

Today after breakfast you will go on an excursion tour to the church of Yemrehanna Kristos. This church was built by King Yemrehanna Kristos in the 11th century from cabled marble and decorated with beautiful paintings of religious scenes. It is located within a cave and is also the resting place for 5,000 mummies, believed to be saints who came from Jerusalem. After late lunch we continue exploring the second cluster rock hewn churches within the Lalibela

 O/N- Hotel in Lalibela

Day 10- Fly to Gondar and city tour of Gondar

Fly to Gondar and in the Afternoon explore historic sites of Gondar, including a visit to the Royal Enclosure, with six castles and several other buildings, Debre Birhan Selassie church decorated with the surprisingly beautiful angle faces on the ceiling and the bath of king Fasiledes at which thousands of Ethiopians celebrate the Timkat festival every January.

O/N–Hotel in Gondar

Day 11  Drive to Simien Mountains National Park and Hike for 2 to 4 Hours

After early breakfast drive to Simien Mountains National park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Start hiking at Simien lodge after check in and pass through the multiple viewpoints. During the hike you will spot large groups of the precious endemic Chelada Baboons who roam the mountainous area.

O\N-Simien Lodge/ community lodge / hotel in Debark

Day 12- Drive to Sankaber & Hike to Jimbar waterfall 

The scenery today is breath taking, the further you hike in to the heart of Simiens the scenery becomes remarkably fascinating. Today’s hike is for 2.5 Hours before driving to Gondar for overnight. During the hike to the waterfall you may possibly spot clip springer’s, Menelik bushbucks and a variety of bird specious including endemic ones such as White-backed Tits, Thick billed Raven and more

While driving back to Gondar you will stop at Woleka (Ethiopian Jewish community old Village) to visit a synagogue that used to be active until 1980th (Until Operation Mosses) and to see the village

O/N–hotel in Gondar

Day 13 – Drive from Gondar to Bahir Dar via Awra Amba and Boat Trip on Lake Tana 

Drive to Bahir Dar with multiple stops for country house visits, photo stops & to explore Awra Amba Community. Awra Amba community & its members are distinct from the rest of the surrounding society for addressing deep rooted social glitches. The community addresses Gender equality, Basic human rights, and support for the elderly & disables in its utmost level.  Religion plays no role for the principles mentioned above. It is to some degree similar to the former Kibbutz in Israel.

Boat excursion on Lake Tana to visit some of the monasteries, Namely Ura kidanemhiret & Azewa Mariam known for their religious attributes and decorations as well as for their impressive display of illuminated bibles written in Ge'ez. Night out to a traditional night club

O/N–Hotel in Bahir Dar

Day 14 - City tour of Bahir Dar, Excursion to Blue Nile Falls (60KM) and early evening flight to Addis Ababa

After early Breakfast drive to the famous Blue Nile falls on a gravel road. Then take a pleasant walk from Tisa Abay town, named after the water fall which means “smoking Water”, for around two hours round trip. From here you head back to the river for a short boat ride to meet your vehicle on the other side. You then drive back to Bahir Dar, after lunch continue to explore the vibrant market and attractions of Bahir Dar and then take evening flight to Addis Ababa.

O/N- Hotel in Addis Ababa

Day 15- Fly from Addis Ababa to Arba Minch and visit Dorze tribe

After breakfast visit the National Museum which houses some of Ethiopia’s Historic treasures, were the oldest hominid ever found in the world is kept, known as Lucy or Dinkinesh and continue to the Ethnographic Museum.

You then fly to Arba Minch in the afternoon. Upon arrival drive to the hotel for check in and then drive to mountain Guhe were the Dorze people live. Dorze people are known for their Elephant shaped houses made of bamboo wood & false banana leafs.

O/N- Lodge/Hotel  in Arba Minch

Day 16 –Drive from Arba Minch - Jinka

In the morning you will take a boat trip on Lake Chamo to visit the Nile crocodile and hippos. You will have a chance to see groups of hippos and some of the biggest Crocodiles.

You will then drive to Jinka, upon arrival in Jinka visit the Ari People and check in to your hotel.

O/N- hotel/Lodge in Jinka

Day 17 - Jinka - Tourmi 

After breakfast you will visit the Mursi village within Mago National park. The Mursi tribe women are known for their lower lip and earlobe Plates.  After lunch drive to Tourmi, the home town of the Hammer people. Dimeka market on Tuesday and Saturday. Upon arrival in Tourmi visit the hammer tribe village

O/N-Lodge/Hotel/camping in Tourmi

Day 18 – Excursion to karo Tribe and Dassenech Tribe

After breakfast drive to the Karo tribe village. The karo are well known for their body painting & decorations. The Karo people are also the Smallest of all tribes.  After visiting Karo drive to Omorate and cross the Omo River using locally boats made out of wood to visit the Dassenech tribe whose people come from multiple ethnic groups. There are eight clans which make up the Dassanech tribe; each clan is defined by its territory and you will visit one of them

O/N- Lodge/Hotel/camping in Tourmi

Day 19Drive from Turmi to Konso karate

Depart Tourmi, on the way a brief stop at Bena and Tsemaye Tribe. Upon arrival in Konso visit the Konso tribe village. Based on the availability of his majesty, king of Konso you will meet the king of Konso to get in-depth explanation about the Konso people way of life. The Konso Tribe is well known for their finest Terrance making tradition. These advanced but old-age traces are one of Ethiopia’s UNISCO registered heritages.

  O/N-Lodge/Hotel in Konso

Day 20- Short Hike in the beautiful mountain scenery of Konso and drive to Arba Minch for your flight to Addis Ababa

After Breakfast drive 5KM to the extraordinarily shaped chain of mountains known by many as New York for its similarity to that of the sky scrapers in New York and hike for one hour. You then drive back to Arba Minch for your flight to Addis Ababa.

O/N- Addis Ababa, Hotel

Day 21 – City tour of Addis Ababa and fly back home

After breakfast proceed to visit the Ethnographic Museum and the Holy Trinity Church which is the main cathedral and the resting place to the remains of Emperor Haile Selassie. After lunch proceed to the largest open market in Africa- Merkato. Palace of Menelik-II, the founder of Addis Ababa is located on Entoto Mountain, and offers magnificent views of the surrounding eucalyptus forest and Addis Ababa below.