Simien Mountains trekking for 11 days

Day 1- International flight to Addis Ababa, our staff will welcome you at the airport and you will proceed to a short city tour of Addis Ababa as time permits

O/N- Hotel in Addis Ababa

Day 2- Fly from Addis Ababa to Gondar and drive to Simien Mountains National Park, Hike from Simien Lodge to Sankaber, 2-4 Hours 

Drive to Simien Mountains National park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Start hiking at Simien lodge for 2 to 4 hours with multiple viewpoint stops for pictures. During the hike you will spot large groups of the endemic Chelada Baboo who roam the mountainous area

 O/N Camping at Sankaber camp site, 3250m

Day 3Trek Sankaber to Gech camp, 5 - 6 Hours

The scenery today is breath taking, the further you hike in to the heart of Simiens the scenery becomes remarkably fascinating. The route takes you via Jimbar water fall and  you may possibly spot clip springer’s, Menelik bushbucks and a variety of bird specious including endemic ones such as White-backed Tits, Thick billed Raven and more.

O\N camping at Gech camp site, 3600m

Day 4 - Trek Gich to Chenek camp, 7-8 Hours 

Trek to Chenek via Imet Gogo (3926m). Imet Gogo summit offers Simien Mountains’ spectacular scenery with nearly a 360 degree view. This day holds a greater possibility of seeing the Walia Ibex, different types of Flora, Faunas and birds including Lammergeyer

O\N-camping at Chenek, 4000m

Day 5 – Trek Chenek to Ambiko camp, 7-8 Hours

From Chenek you head eastwards towards Ambiko, after crossing the Bwuahit pass (4200m) you will reach a view point from where you can see Ras Dashen (4533m), which is the highest mountain in Ethiopia.  The path will then drop down steeply to 3300m taking you through the valleys to Mesheha River (2800m), then follow the path back up again steeply until you reach Ambiko Village

O\N-camping at Ambiko , 3200m

Day 6 – Trek Ambiko to Ras Dashen and Ambiko camp ,8-10 Hours

You start early, to the village of Mizma. On the way you will see the unique high land vegetation Giant lobelia which can be found in large areas of the Mountains, after which you continue on a sharp ascent to a ridge crest overlooking a large valley. The path then follows along the side of the valley straight to Ras Dashen, after a while you will reach a point of seeing three distinct buttresses. The buttress on the left is the summit of Ras Dashen (4533m). After you arrive at the highest point of mountains in Ethiopia return to Ambikwo.

O\N- Camping Ambiko, 3200m

Day 7- Trek Ambiko to Sona Camp, 6-7 Hours

Rather than retracing your trek to the high land on the way back continue to the low land which will give you the chance to see a greater range of the Ethiopian countryside. Descend from your camp, Ambiko to the river and after a short ascend walk through a cultivated land where you will have a lunch break, continue trekking to your camp site Sona.

O\N- Camping at Sona, 2050m

Day 8- Trek Sona to the Village of Mekarebya ,4 to 5 hours

This is a day of descent and as you approach leaving behind the high plateau.  The trek takes you to one of the hottest places in the Simien Mountains and the route crosses several major Mountain ranges as it drops nearly 1000 meters near Ansiya River.  Sona were our campsite is located is a head of Ansiya river ascending 1000 meters again.

O\N- Camping at Sona, 2050m

Day 9- Trek Mekarebya to Mulit Camp ,3-4 Hours

After Breakfast at your Camp start the easy hike to Mulit Campsite. Today offers plenty of chances to interact with the local people and learn about their traditions, customs and their way of life.

O\N- Camping at Mulit ,2100m

Day 10 – Trek Multi –Adi Arkai and drive to Gondar 

A short and final trek through the farm land for 2 hours to the small town of Adi Arkai (1700m) where our car for the drive to Gondar Awaits. Here you will depart the trekking crew and drive to Gondar

O\N- Hotel in Gondar

Day 11- Fly back to Addis Ababa and City tour of Addis Ababa

Explore the National Museum which houses some of Ethiopia’s Historic treasures, were the oldest hominid ever found in the world is kept, known as Lucy or Dinkinesh continue to the Ethnographic Museum and the Holy Trinity Church which is the main cathedral and the resting place to the remains of Emperor Haile Selassie. After lunch proceed to the largest open market in Africa, Merkato and then to Entoto. Palace of Menelik-II, the founder of Addis Ababa is located on Entoto Mountain, and offers magnificent views of the surrounding eucalyptus forest and Addis Ababa below.