professional tour leader

My Name is Getachew, I grow up in Gondar. Gondar is one of the important cities in Ethiopia since Medieval period politically, socially and economically.  Growing up in Gondar has given me a chance to interact with visitors at an early age for the sake of English conversation practice.


I went to the University of Gondar; I then participated in a serious of certification exams by the Ministry of Tourism and culture, which opened the path for my carrier as a tour guide and tour operator.


I have been working as a tour operator and tour guide for the last twelve years. During this time I have learned and recognized the unique and fascinating aspects of the multifaceted Ethiopian culture and way of life in the eye of the traveler.


As much as Ethiopia is gifted with Adventurous attractions, age-old historic sites, beautiful National parks, is also endowed with a multilingual and Multicultural society that kept the most authentic cultures for thousands of years.

 I invite you to visit Ethiopia through my eyes and experience the originality of African pride.