Coffee Ceremony
Ethiopian traditional history has it that the discovery of coffee was by an Ethiopian goat herder, Kalid who several times witnessed his Goats happy and enjoying mood after eating the coffee beans. He then followed his goats’ footsteps to discover what has became the most common and healthy stimulant drink in the world of today. Ethiopian coffee is one of the best in the world and Ethiopians know how to brew it maintaining its aroma for pleasant test. 
The socio-cultural importance of coffee is a great value to Ethiopians, during coffee ceremony relatives and valued friends are invited to participate. The coffee beans will be washed with water on the pan that will also be used to roast the beans with constant shaking and stirring on top of fire to make sure the roasting process takes place evenly. Then the coffee beans are grinded in a Mortar and a pestle. Simultaneously water is boiling in a kettle waiting for the grounded coffee. Then coffee will be served to the attendants on a small cup and it continues three rounds. 
Come and experience an authentic Ethiopian coffee ceremony through one of our host families, happy to share you an age old secret on how to brew the finest coffee.